Advocates support the individual’s choice regarding reporting the crime. Advocates provide information about the legal system and are available to accompany and support the victim throughout the legal process.

Legal advocacy can assist client’s with protection orders and court assistance and navigating the court system, sitting in attendance with victims in court, sitting through defense interviews to support victims and discussing options to heal with clients after victimization.

If you need assistance, or have questions, please click here for any of our office locations.

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21 hours ago

New Hope
New Hope is the Crime Victim Service Center for Grant & Adams Counties. Victims of any crime qualify for our free and confidential services. Our victim advocates are trained in responding to victims in a trauma informed manner while also being culturally appropriate and accessible 24/7. Crime Victims Service areas include but are not limited to: Survivors of Homicide, Assault, Robbery, Identity Theft, Hate Crimes, Harassment & Bullying, Child Physical Abuse, Kidnapping, Stalking, Property Crime, Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Non-intimate partner Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Gang Violence, Mass Violence.For resources go to: ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

New Hope
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